Mina Gaga

May 13, 2019

Mina Gaga
Director, 7th Respiratory Medicine Dept and Asthma Center, Athens Chest Hospital “Sotiria”

Dr Mina Gaga, MD, PhD, heads a large Respiratory Medicine Department and the Asthma Centre of Athens Chest Hospital. Besides her clinical work, she is involved in basic and clinical research. She has lead various national and international studies investigating asthma and COPD, is on the panel of the ERS/ATS severe asthma guidelines and the ERS/ EAACI statement on asthma exacerbations and has published highly cited papers.
She is also passionately involved in medical education, has served as ERS Director of Learning Resources, as Secretary of the European Board of Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP) and as a member of the HERMES task forces in Respiratory Medicine and in Thoracic Oncology.
Lastly, she is involved in advocacy for the prevention and alleviation of respiratory disease, has worked with colleagues, patients and the media in Greece and Internationally. Importantly, as Secretary General and as President of the ERS, she has worked towards better lung health, holistic care, prevention of disease and good quality of life.

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