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Opening remarks


Epidemiology & Prevention of Smoking: Where do we stand?

Chairs: Demetrios Kouretas & Mina Gaga

– The Global Burden of Tobacco: The emerging scenery, Adamantia Liapikou
– Epidemiological data from e-cigarette in Greece, Anastasia Barbouni
– Prevention of smoking in adolescents: helped or hindered by e-cigarettes?, Lion Shahab


Coffee Break


Tobacco Control – Smoking Cessation

Chairs: Elias Tsougos & Paraskevi Katsaounou

– Organization and operation of a smoking cessation clinic, Kallirrhoe Kourea
– Smoking Cessation in cardiovascular patients, Georgios Goumas
– Smoking Cessation in respiratory patients, Zafeiria Barbaressou
– Should octagenarians quit smoking?, Vassiliki Giannakopoulou


Keynote Lecture:
Nicotine vs. smoke: key differences in effects and risks, Jacques Le Houezec

Chair: Ignatios Ikonomidis


Lunch Break || Poster Presentation & Discussion


Tobacco Control – Harm Reduction & Public Health
Tobacco Harm Reduction and Tobacco Control: complementary or contradictory?

Chairs: Konstantinos Farsalinos & Michael Toumbis

– Harm reduction in smoking. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, Paraskevi Katsaounou
– The Changing Global Picture of Tobacco Harm Reduction, Karl Fagerström
– The case of snus, Lars Ramstrom
– Harm reduction in Iceland, Karl Snæbjörnsson

Panel Discussion: Why is Tobacco Harm Reduction so Divisive?

Panelists: Martin Dockrell, Lion Shahab


Coffee Break


Regulation and Public Health & Policy

Chairs: Konstantinos Poulas & Anastasia Barbouni

– Implementation of Harm Reduction Policies in Public Health, Kostas Athanasakis

– How to evaluate the alternative Tobacco Products – FDA’s Regulatory Approach, Michael Toumbis

– A Tobacco Control Plan for England – Challenges and Achievements, Martin Dockrell

– The case in Greece: Considerations & Opportunities, Dimitri Richter

Panel Discussion: Main Priorities of Public Health and how to integrate innovative and traditional health policies into an effective Tobacco Control Plan

Panelists: Solomon Rataemane, Karl Snæbjörnsson, Karl Fagerström, Sudhanshu Patwardhan, and Konstantinos Farsalinos


Science – Research – Evidence (PART I)
Chair: Stavros Topouzis

Epidemiology & Social Issues (Perception risk, Attractiveness etc.)
• Electronic cigarette use among adolescents in Greece: A cross-sectional school study in the Metropolitan area of Athens,Nadia Maglara
• Patterns of use, past smoking status and biochemically verified current smoking status of heated tobacco product (IQOS) shops customers: preliminary results, Efthymia Panagiotopoulou

Toxicology and aerosol chemistry – Chemical composition of the aerosol, droplet size and distribution, temperature and toxicants, indoor air quality
• Aldehyde content  in the vapour produced by Glo, Nikolaos Vlachos

Biomarkers’ evaluation in animal or human studies
• Electronic cigarette smoking increases arterial stiffness and oxidative stress to a lesser extent than a single conventional cigarette: an acute and a chronic study, Dimitrios Vlastos
• Electronic cigarette smoking causes less impairment of platelet function and oxidative stress than tobacco cigarette smoking, Gavriella Kostelli

Preclinical evaluation
• The in vitro assessment of a tobacco heating product (GLO), Damien Breheny
• A six-month systems toxicology inhalation/cessation study in ApoE-/- mice to investigate cardiovascular and respiratory exposure effects of a potential candidate and a candidate modified risk tobacco product, CHTP 1.2 and THS 2.2 respectively, compared with cigarettes, Bjoern Titz
• Chronic Toxicity and Lung Tumorigenesis in A/J mice following lifetime exposure to aerosol from the Tobacco Heating System (THS) 2.2 in comparison to exposure to 3R4F reference cigarette smoke, Bjoern Titz


Coffee Break


Science – Research – Evidence (PART II)

Chairs: Demetrios Kouretas & Ignatios Ikonomidis

Smoking cessation
• Effects of Varenicline and nicotine replacement therapy on arterial elasticity, endothelial glycocalyx and oxidative stress during a 3-month smoking cessation program, Margarita Marinou
• E-cigarette use and biochemically confirmed smoking status of a random sample of vapeshops customers in Greece, Eleni Diamantopoulou
• Role of healthcare practitioners in enabling and accelerating smoking cessation among their smoker patients- a UK perspective, Sudhanshu Patwardhan
• Association of flavored nicotine salt pod system use and subsequent switching behavior, Carrie M. Carretta, Jeff Vaughan, and Will Mullen
• Transitions in adults’ cigarette smoking status associated with using JUUL vaping products for three months, Christopher Russell

Clinical Assessment and Harm Reduction
• Tobacco heating system vs. combustible cigarettes: can lung function parameters be improved?, Francesco Sergio
• Smoking cessation & novel smoking products, Ignatios Ikonomidis


Lunch Break


Panel Discussion: Clinical practice experience on Smoking Cessation

Chairs: Michael Toumbis

Panelists: Angeliki Florou, Kallirrhoe Kourea, Sudhanshu Patwardhan, and Vassiliki Doumou


Coffee Break


Keynote Lecture:
The dilemma of smoking addiction in psychiatric patients, Solomon Rataemane

Chair: Anastasia Barbouni


Panel Discussion – Bioethics: Key considerations and how to maximize benefits for smokers and minimize potential harms for youth

Chair: Tina Garani-Papadatos

Panelists: Lion Shahab, Nikos Dedes, Emilios Negis, Christopher Russell, and Manolis Souvatzis


Closing Remarks
Organising Committee