Tina Garani-Papadatos

May 10, 2019

Tina Garani-Papadatos
Professor of Public Health Bioethics
National School of Public Health

Tina (Stamatia) Garani-Papadatos is Professor of Public Health Bioethics at the National School of Public Health, Athens.

She obtained a Law Degree from the University of Athens, a Master of Arts in Medical Law and Ethics from King’s College (London), and a PhD from the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Athens.

Short trainings: Imperial College-London, Harvard School of Public Health (François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights), Association of Schools of Public Health of the European Region (ASPHER).

She is Member of various legislative and Ethics committees. Deputy member (2005-2010) of the National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction. Chair of the Bioethics Committee of the NSPH. Member of ad hoc Expert Committees of the Council of Europe. National representative of Greece, Bioethics Committee (DH-BIO) of the Council of Europe. Independent expert EU DG Research and Innovation (Ethics Sector) and European Research Council.

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